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About Coaching

"In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity."
Albert Einstein

Life Coaches provide opportunities for people to be their best and to do their best.

I support my clients by helping them to identify their strengths, realize their passion, and focus on goals. I do this by collaborating to set priorities that reflect their dreams. When you shift your focus from expectations, which are outside your control, to intentions, which is something you control, you practice using tools that bring you closer to the life you long for. Working with a coach you can achieve in a shorter period of time that which would have taken you much longer alone. Those achievements may include more awareness, increased communication and marketable skills, a willingness to be
themselves and more.

Are you ready to achieve your next level of success?

"I have always wanted to understand how relationships work. When I was a child I wondered why they often didn't work and how something might work some of the time but not all the time and, often not when I expected it to. I'm a typical middle child in my desire to keep the peace. It was my passion for helping people resolve interpersonal conflict that led me to graduate school in Conflict Analysis and Resolution and eventually to life coaching. This career shift follows 17 years as a wife and full-time mother and was a natural progression after my previous education (B.S.) and background in Psychology."

My style is energetic and compassionate. I will listen without judgment; I support my clients in taking risks that will change their lives forever.

"I have the honor of helping my clients discover their own answers within themselves. When we collaborate in this way it allows the client to achieve much more in a shorter amount of time than they would on their own. As a coach it is my job to support, empower, and hold them accountable as I help them define their vision."

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Toni Iven, Senior Mediator

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