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5 Reasons Mediation is a Good Idea

  1. Mediation works as a bridge between parties that have issues they want to work out and the legal system. A mediated agreement keeps people away from trials, saving not only time also saving a great deal of money because you have much less need for a lawyer.
  2. When people choose mediation over litigation they cut down on the emotional pain often paired with the legal process known as "discovery".
  3. Mediators help balance the power between parties, holding a space for each person to share their needs without being intimidated by the other person. Mediation empowers people when their voice is heard.
  4. Even when people are not able to sit at the same table mediation offers a way for problem solving to occur by meeting with parties seperately, if neccessary.
  5. Finding "common ground" is what happens when people are willing to consider a different perspective. Mediation is not about winning: mediation is about finding a way to get what you need.
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