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Life is full, rich, and exciting, even with a bit of inevitable conflict sprinkled in. When conflict escalates, involving increasing time and emotion, the goodness in life is much harder to recognize. This is the time to call a mediator.

Mediation is a useful tool to bring neutrality to any conflict when both sides are unable to come to a mutual agreement. Whether its couples who wish to separate and divorce, families unable to resolve difficult issues, or communities torn over disagreements or misunderstandings, mediation provides the opportunity to break the impass and create possibilities in less time and for far less money than a costly trial.

How do you know when you need mediation?
  • a dispute with a neighbor can't be resolved
  • considering a separation or divorce with your spouse
  • you can't come to a consensus with your business partner
  • a conflict between landlord and tenant isn't working out
"5 Reasons Mediation Is A Good Idea"

Mediation: A Better Alternative To Litigation
With the help of an experienced & neutral third party, mediation is viewed as the alternative option of choice to resolve disputes that otherwise might end up in a courtroom. Mediation is a non-binding negotiation between parties who find that an objective outside source is needed to resolve a dispute efficiently. Except in the instance of a court-mandated program, mediation is a consensual agreement that both sides must concede to.

The benefits of choosing mediation over a courtroom setting is that it can be tailored to the needs of both sides. The mediator is able to take on a more active role if needed, allowing the parties to grant the mediator with the power to issue a binding decision; or to play a more low-key role in assisting both sides to find a solution to the dispute.

Gain Insight By Working Through The Issues

Through conflict mediation, I teach people to gain awareness of what is keeping them from relationships they desire and to identify behaviors that can move them closer to their personal and professional goals.

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